How We Started

Welcome to Egg Delivery Melbourne! We are a small, family-owned business that started as a result of our frustration with store-bought eggs that lacked freshness, taste, and nutrition. We wanted something better for ourselves and our loved ones, so we began sourcing our eggs directly from local farms where the hens roamed free and were able to forage and scratch in the grass.

As we started sharing our farm-fresh, free-range eggs with friends and family, we noticed that they too became interested in obtaining their eggs directly from the farms. They loved the taste and quality of our eggs and appreciated the difference in animal welfare and sustainability that came with our farming practices.

After seeing the demand for high-quality, farm-fresh eggs, we decided to start Egg Delivery Melbourne.


Our mission is to make these eggs available to a wider audience, while supporting local, family-owned farms that prioritize animal welfare and sustainability.

We take great pride in the quality of our eggs and our commitment to animal welfare and sustainability. Our hens are treated with the utmost care and respect, and we believe that happy hens lay the best eggs. We work closely with our partner farms to ensure that their practices align with our values and standards.

We offer a convenient and reliable delivery service to make it easy for you to enjoy farm-fresh eggs without having to leave your home. Our delivery drivers are friendly and professional, and we strive to make every delivery a positive experience for our customers.