Barn Laid 6 Trays of 30 eggs 700g

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  1. Box of 6 trays Barn Laid Eggs. 1750 g per tray (Extra Large Eggs).


Our free range eggs come from farms of small scale farmers who hold the same value for animal welfare. We source our eggs based on traceability from farm to fork as we believe in supporting small local businesses and preserving agricultural practices that sustain our environment. All our eggs are completely free range, with no contact between the hens and battery cages.

  • Fresh & Paleo Friendly
  • Certified Cage Free by Animal Welfare Approved Standards
  • Enjoy freshness paired with quality standards maintained in the production process
  • Certified Cage Free means natural movement is encouraged giving a better enviroment for poultry
  • Peace of mind knowing your purchase supports small scale farmers and local businesses


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