Sunshine Honey 1kg (Natural Raw honey)

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Happy bees make the tastiest honey. Soak up the sweetness of the sunshine state. 

Hive/Harvest: Maleny/Summer 23

Beekeeper’s notes: Deep & Sweet

Introducing our big 1kg jar of Sunshine Honey! Sourced from Hive & Harvest farm in Maleny and surrounding apiaries, this honey is sure to please big honey lovers and families alike. Our happy bees produce the tastiest honey, capturing the sweet flavours of the Sunshine State in every jar.

This raw honey is bursting with immunity-boosting properties, making it the perfect addition to your daily routine. When sickness strikes, simply add a drop of sunshine to your day to help keep your family healthy.

From “Where you’d rather bee,” enjoy the natural goodness of raw honey and spread a little sunshine with every spoonful.

Beekeeper’s notes: Always changing, always delicious

Raw Australian Honey

1kg net wt.

Glass Jar


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